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About me

Welcome to "Profu' pe Motor", the blog dedicated to passion and adventures on two wheels! I'm Profu', a lover of motorcycles, especially Harley-Davidson, who discovered the pleasure of traveling on two wheels in 2018.

This blog was born from the desire to share the joy and experiences of traveling with my friends.

The main purpose of this blog is to share my experiences on two wheels, exploring new places, different cultures and meeting fascinating people.
I am passionate about long trips and adventures that help me understand the world and people better. Among the most memorable experiences are riding with HOG (Harley Owners Group) members, where unique bonds of camaraderie were created.

Although I consider myself still a newbie to motorcycling, this blog focuses on the riding experiences and not the technical aspects of motorcycles. I am a curious, altruistic and proactive person with a constant desire to learn and discover new things.

So, I invite you to start with me on this journey full of adventures and enjoy the experiences that "Profu' pe Motor" offers you. Let's discover together the wonderful world of traveling on two wheels!

Myself on Harley
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