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Hai Hui Edition 10: Alongside Romania's National Team at the European Championship in Germany

The anniversary edition of Hai Huienilor, marking its tenth iteration, promises to be unforgettable. This year, our destination is not just a place on the map but a special occasion: we will be alongside Romania's national football team at the European Championship in Germany. Over 20 Hai Huieni motorcyclists have gathered to support the team and enjoy the picturesque roads and landscapes of Europe, but most importantly, to celebrate the camaraderie that binds us.

Last year, my adventure was abruptly interrupted by technical problems with the motorcycle. However, this year, despite the motorcycle running perfectly, I was held back by professional obligations, which delayed my departure. I hoped until the last moment that I could leave on time, on June 15, with my comrades. Unfortunately, I had to make the rational choice to focus on professional matters.

On the morning of the departure, I woke up very early and headed to the meeting point, the OMV on A1 at km 49, the place where the adventure was to begin. Although my heart was heavy because I couldn't leave with them, I arrived there quite early. Om Bun, Matias, Jereu, and Ceack were already there, ready to hit the road. It is hard to describe in words the feeling of camaraderie that binds us.

Shortly after, Sebastian arrived, and we said our goodbyes. They set off on a superb journey, while I returned to work, thinking about the adventures to come.

No, the story doesn't end here. Although my departure was delayed, I intend to follow them soon. Then I will be able to tell you about the wonders of Europe and, hopefully, the successes of the national football team. It will be an intensive course on football for me, as I must admit, I am quite unskilled in this sport.

The journey continues, and our adventures have just begun. Stay tuned for captivating stories from the heart of Europe, full of breathtaking landscapes, winding roads through the Alps, and unforgettable moments alongside our national team.

The tenth edition of Hai Hui is more than a journey; it is a celebration of the spirit of adventure and the bonds that unite us. Stay with us for stories of spectacular roads, authentic friendships, and unforgettable moments alongside Romania's national football team.

To be continued...


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