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120 Years of Harley-Davidson in the Heart of Budapest

Speed, Passion and History" - 120 Years of Harley-Davidson in Budapest, June 22-25, 2023!

I participated, I observed, I was delighted. An intense weekend, surrounded by the sound of Harley engines. A 10-hour ride on a Harley is not just a trip, but a real pleasure. This was the time it took to cross all of Romania and a portion of Hungary to reach Budapest. The feeling of riding a Harley is unique, I admit I'm subjective. But I don't care, because from my perspective, Harley represents true motorcycling. There are no other motorcycles. If you don't agree with my opinion, that's it.

The trip to Budapest was perfect: not too long, not too short, just enough to enjoy the motorbike and the scenery. I covered 853 km without excessive effort, also benefiting from the favorable weather - most of the route was in a pleasant coolness, only towards the end, in Hungary, it got a bit warm.

Once we arrived in Budapest, everything came to life in a fantastic way - motorcycles everywhere, vests emblazoned with the name of the Chapter and so many people that I barely had time to admire each individual motorcycle. Arriving at the accommodation, right in the center of the city, we parked the motorbikes and headed straight to the stadium, the place where the big celebration was taking place. It was an unforgettable experience to ride among thousands of Harley motorcycles, each more beautiful than the other.

Each day followed a similar rhythm: wake up, breakfast, stadium, motorcycles, smiles from ear to ear, evening - parties in the old center with all the Harley lovers, then bed and so on. Although it may sound monotonous from the words, the time flew by without me realizing it, enjoying every moment.

Budapest was just an appetizer for the most iconic event dedicated to motorcycles, especially Harley-Davidson - European Bike Week, which was to take place in the Faaker See area, between September 5-10, 2023. If in Budapest m -I felt like a child in the middle of thousands, tens of thousands of toys, I can hardly imagine how he will be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of such "toys".

Budapest was an extraordinary experience, not only because of the Harley event, but also because of the city itself. I have visited Budapest several times, but I have never enjoyed it as much as this time, perhaps because the presence of motorcyclists livened up everything around. If the Harley event happens again, I will definitely come back as I felt very good.

The way back was just as long, but a little more complicated, as we had rain for almost the entire 850 km. However, it was fun anyway. Looking forward to my next Harley adventure!

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