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Hai Huiala 2023 - Adventure, Fun, and Thrills from the 'Life Beats the Movie' Category

Boom! Just two days ago, the 9th edition of Hai Huiala wrapped up, and now we're all looking back with a wide smile and a dash of nostalgia at the fantastic week we spent together, intertwining with the ethnicities of Romania. It's downright astonishing how much you can learn about Romania and its folks, it's truly remarkable how wonderful our birth garden is, where it seems we were born by chance, and it's a real letdown that we often forget how lucky we are.

This year's Hai Huiala has outshone any other edition! The people, the places, the atmosphere - everything was unique, like a cake you've never tasted before and can't recreate because you lost the recipe. So each Hai Huiala is a unique experience, kinda like a joke that you can't translate - it remains in your memory, but it's hard to pass on. But don't worry, I'll still try to describe what I felt and the adventures I had with my comrades, and when I'm at a loss for words, I'll let them tell their memories, because after all, everyone has their own story to tell even though we all shared the same journey.

The story begins... If you want all the juicy details, stay tuned and in the coming days you'll be served with the adventures of the Hai Huiala gang and photos and videos from our tour through the beauties of Romania.

And if you don't want to miss any updates, you can subscribe and you'll receive an email as soon as the article is ready for launch, just like a fresh, juicy peach ;)

In the meantime, you can sneak a peek at a teaser from the Hai Huiala trip on my Instagram page. No spoilers, I promise!

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