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The Mandatory HOG Course: Between Dry Asphalt and Torrential Rain

Hello HOGs and riders who love the asphalt and the freedom of two wheels!

Today, I want to share a recent experience, one that reaffirmed how important it is for us to remain dedicated to continually perfecting our motorcycling skills. Thanks to the initiative of the Harley Owners Group (HOG) Chapter Romania Bucharest, I had the pleasure of participating in an intensive one-day course on road safety techniques.

This course was not just a requirement, but an extraordinary opportunity for learning and refreshing essential knowledge for any rider. Therefore, I have promised myself that every year I will participate in at least one such course, convinced that each of us, regardless of experience, has something to learn.

Initially, I had planned to attend on April 16th, drawn by the prospect of a sunny and perfect day for riding. But, as an old proverb says, "the household's account doesn't match the market's," so fate had other plans for me. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was forced to participate on April 17th, a rainy day that was not at all encouraging for a motorcyclist who, like me, is not the most comfortable maneuvering his motorcycle in the rain.

The day of the course started with a gloomy morning. After dropping my son off at school, I headed to the Adâncata circuit, where the course was to take place. Along the way, my plans were improved when OmBun called me, suggesting we meet at the Harley dealership. Although this small detour changed my initial route, it was a pleasure to head to the course in the company of a good friend.

Arriving at the Harley dealership, I took the opportunity to look for rain gear, but unfortunately, I found nothing suitable. So, confident and optimistic, OmBun and I continued our journey to Adâncata, hoping the clouds would disperse.

Even with all the preparations, the universe seems to always have its own plans. Despite my hopes that it would not rain, nature showed its force, and the rain fell in heavy, almost biblical waves. Although this made the course more challenging, it added a valuable layer of realism to our training. As it turned out, my power to influence the weather was just an illusion.

Despite the torrential rain, the spirit and camaraderie among us riders remained unshaken. OmBun, expressing his empathy for me, chose not to put on his rain gear, thus fully sharing the experience with me. It was a small, but profound gesture that highlighted the fraternity that exists within our motorcycling community.

After hours of theory mixed with practice on a wet circuit, we headed home, smiling despite the moisture that had penetrated our skins. I was confident that the rain would stop before I got home, but, as I learned, my plans and those of the universe rarely align. The rain not only did not cease but intensified, leaving me to return completely soaked, yet with a valuable lesson learned.

Reflecting on this experience, I am grateful for the initiative of Chapter Romania Bucharest and for the opportunity to grow and learn under such challenging conditions. This course was led by Matei Albulescu from RideX, who guided us through emergency braking techniques, approaching curves in the rain, avoiding obstacles, and much more. Although the concepts were not new to us, their practical application was extremely valuable.

In conclusion, fellow motorcyclists, remember: no matter how well you think you master the art of motorcycling, there is always room for improvement. As I said, if you are no longer afraid of the motorcycle, maybe it's time to reconsider this hobby. Hoping for many days with dry asphalt and adrenaline-filled adventures, I wish you all to stay safe and enjoy each ride.

Let's meet on the roads, with smiles on our faces and new stories to tell!

Dry asphalt and beautiful experiences on two wheels to all!



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